Direct Trade

We promote direct communication and fair negotiation between buyers and farmers. We also make sure that quality is a factor and we give growers a much-deserved voice. We want to foster a relationship of trust and respect, with fewer external stakeholders and third parties.




All our wines are produced using biodynamic farming. We consider each farm,
each agricultural estate, to be a living organism. Unique and evolving, it must be
treated as an entity in constant movement. The plants that grow together in these
spaces possess all their functions and participate in the creation of global harmony.



Local suppliers

We work with numerous local farmers and artisans because we believe that fine cuisine starts with the ingredients. The less an ingredient has travelled, the more it has to offer to our customers, in terms of freshness, authenticity and quality. We do all this while limiting our ecological footprint and carbon dioxide emissions.




As nature lovers, we seek to inspire respect for our flora and fauna. That's why our premises and our cuisine respect the standards of a philosophy of mindfulness.




Why buy ready-made products when we can make everything ourselves? No secrets, nothing hidden—we know each and every ingredient that goes into our recipes. We make most of our recipes from scratch. This is what makes our cuisine truly beautiful.



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